Project WARM, Women Assisting Recovering Mothers, at Vince Carter Sanctuary

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Even though the 2016 Daytona Blues Festival was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew, the generous sponsors and loyal fans made to possible for the DBF’s Dr. Pam Carbiener to present a $15,000 check to Project WARM, Women Assisting Recovering Mothers.


WARM at Vince Carter Sanctuary is a long term residential treatment facility for 70 women exhibiting symptoms of drug and alcohol dependence, with 43 beds designated for those women who are pregnant, post- partum, and parenting young children (27 beds for single women). Initially established in Daytona Beach, WARM relocated to the Vince Carter Sanctuary in Bunnell, a move that allowed the program to more than triple in capacity. A unique component of WARM is that the women who enter treatment are permitted to include their children in the treatment process. Children under the age of six may reside at the facility with their mother while older children are eligible to visit on the weekend. Research supports the notion that addiction is a family problem. Allowing children to remain connected with their mother during this time assists the family in healing.

While in treatment, the women live in a therapeutic community. In addition to receiving the clinical help from a team of therapists, the women in Project WARM encourage and assist in each other’s recovery. Through a variety of therapeutic groups and individual therapy, the women in WARM learn healthy coping skills, boundaries in relationships, development of necessary life skills, and enhanced parenting abilities. They also learn to address the devastating traumas that many women have faced throughout their life. While the mothers attend the clinical programming during the week, their children attend the on-site child development center provided by Easter Seals.”

courtesy of SMA Behavioral Healthcare


The Culinary Program at Project WARM

“WARM (Women Assisting Recovering Mothers) at the Vince Carter Bunnell, Florida, is a long-term residential treatment facility for women symptoms of drug and alcohol dependence, with beds designated for, but not limited women who are pregnant, post partum, and parenting young children.  The women live on campus in a therapeutic and supportive environment.  Those with children are able have their children (under the age of 6) in residence with them.  Children age 6 and are able to visit on weekends.  WARM provides a broad range of services based upon client needs as identified during the admission assessment.

WARM is part of Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare (SMA), a not-profit organization, is proud to be the leader of behavioral healthcare services in communities, serving Flagler Putnam, St. John, and Volusia Counties. SMA has over 50 years of experience in the industry and provides a full continuum of exceptional comprehensive services for individuals suffering from mental illness and/or addiction include: prevention, crisis, residential, outpatient, justice services, specialty services, and community outreach education.
WARM is the only residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in the United States
offering a vocational training program designed to provide clients with skills, knowledge
and valuable credentials in culinary arts. Armed with industry-recognized experience and
up to four certificates of com from the University of Florida, clients can feel
confident upon graduation when pursuing a job in the community knowing that they can
support themselves and their children. Vocational and on-the- job training in the culinary
arts is provided under the exp instruction of Executive Chef and vocational instructor
Kevin Gallagher CEC®. The program includes classroom instruction, testing and on the
job training. He teaches culinary students to plan (create menus, meal cost, order,
inventory), prepare (follow recipes, safe food handling from receiving and storing to
cooking and serving and clean up (sanitation). A course in food service personnel
management gives them the basics of beginning personnel management. Four 30 hour
courses are offered: Professional Food Safety Manager Certification (Sanitation),
Nutrition for Food Service Personnel, Dining Room Management, and Hospitality and Restaurant Management.”

While enrolled in this program, students prepare all of the food for the 70+ ladies and
25+ children living at the Vince Carter Sanctuary (VCS) as well as lunches and snacks
for the children in the Center’s day care. This is a great opportunity to learn about age
appropriate foods for children. Being is a 24/7 operating facility, it is essential that be made on time and that they meet client nutritional needs, to include allergies, diabetic diets, low salt, and other special dietary requirements.




The culinary team has planted a community garden that provides fresh herbs and
vegetables throughout the year for daily use in the kitchen. We cook almost everything
from scratch everyday from fresh baked breads to homemade soups. The culinary team
learns proper cooking technique, baking essentials, and essential knife skills. Very little
food is wasted in the WARM kitchen! We teach about recycling, eating fresh and local
and the farm to table movement. We just don’t read and talk about it, we live it!
Outside training expands their knowledge of food and the food industry with regular
visits to our large food suppliers like the US Foods Distribution Center in Port Orange,
FL, and Food Supply Inc. of Daytona Beach, FL. We attend local professional
conferences like the American Culinary Federation meetings and conferences, and shows by our food purveyors and at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

Kevin Gallagher

Eager to demonstrate their newly acquired culinary skills, the WARM Culinary Team
excel when they have opportunities to cater both on- and off-campus. They get
tremendous experience by participating catering for the Daytona Blues Festival, Flagler
Beach Rotary “Cycle Flagler: Ride for Rotary” events, SMA Behavioral Health
sponsored events, University of Florida sponsored events and occasional private catered
affairs. We have catered for parties as small as 2 guests and up to groups as large as 400
people. All catering provides a rich experience but the charity events give the culinary
team an opportunity to ‘give back’ to the givers and to say ‘Thank You!’ to the community for all have done for WARM.”

                                            –Kevin Gallagher, Executive Chef and Culinary Instructor at Project WARM